Miso Subprocessors

Miso uses third party subprocessors, such as cloud computing providers and customer support software, to provide our services. We enter into GDPR-compliant data processing agreements with each subprocessor, extending GDPR safeguards everywhere personal data is processed.

Subprocessors operating within the European Union

  • Auth0. Login and user profile managemnt.
  • Microsoft Azure. Application hosting and storage and monitoring

Subprocessors operting outside the European Union

  • Nutshell We use this to keep in contact with our customers and manage sales.
  • Zendesk All our customer support request go through here. We also use it to provide content and a community forum for our users.
  • Product Board Some of your feedback will make influence our roadmap. We use Product Board to do this. We will store your name and contact details to keep track of where feedback comes from.
  • Cloudflare When you request data from our website or application, the data may be transmitted via cloudflare. This is restricted to things like the images and code and not case data. Any case data stored in our application is served directly from our EU based servers and does not pass through cloudflares servers. Cloudflare helps us ensure the security and performance of our website and application.